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About Photography by Kate

We live in a chaotic world and in a chaotic time. We step outside into nature to help us relax and to gain perspective. I created Photography by Kate to heIp bring peace into our every day lives. Through photographs and the power of words, we can bring peace into other people's lives too. Read on to find out more.


Australian soy candles with a South Australian image wrapped around it.

Custom Posters

Customise a poster to make it exactly what you want.

Gift Bundles

A gift complete with gift tag and free postage.

Gift Tags

Spruce up your present with a bright and colourful gift tag.

Greeting Cards

Share the gift of words with a card for every season.

Note Cards

Business card size cards that are perfect for that short note or to pair with that special gift. So if you want to add a note with a present or a bouquet of flowers look no further. 

Photographic Prints

Mounted and ready to frame. Just head to your favourite store to choose a frame that suits you.


Is there a place in South Australia you want to show one of your friends? Why not send them a postcard?


Pairing the beauty of nature with the encouragement of Scripture. These A4 posters are make a great gift or decoration for your home.


Always running out of cards just as you need them? Subscribe either monthly or quarterly to receive cards straight to your door and never run out again.

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