We all love being part of an organisation whether it's a church, sports group or some other special place. During these tough times, this special place sometimes needs some extra help. Fundraising is a great way to help bring in some extra money. Whether this for a specific project or for the organisation in general.

Photography by Kate offers a way to fundraise as well as support local Adelaide
businesses. You will receive everything you need to run your fundraiser. Photography by Kate creates beautiful, Adelaide made greeting cards that showcase South Australia’s landscapes and flora. Whether you’re wanting seasonal cards for Easter or Christmas, or greeting cards with encouraging Bible verses on them, there is something for all occasions. All of the packaging is biodegradable and can be composted.

How it works:

  • Contact Photography by Kate to organise getting your fundraiser pack. This includes choosing which designs you want and the number of greeting cards you want to have on hand to sell.
  • Receive your fundraiser pack. This includes a display, tally sheets, coin bags, credit card forms and greeting cards with envelopes.
  • Start promoting your fundraiser.
  • Start taking orders. Set up a stall and start selling. You have everything you need for a display. The form can also be used by individuals to sell greeting cards to their friends and family.
  • Once you’ve taken all the orders, fill out the tally of the bottom of the forms. There is then a master tally sheet to fill out and send to Photography by Kate.
  • You’ll then receive an invoice for the greeting cards you’ve sold. The remaining unsold stock will be returned to Photography by Kate.
  • Now enjoy your beautiful, Adelaide made greeting cards.

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