Why I choose to create products

Why I choose to create products

I love creating photography products. Whenever I sell one of my products I get so excited.

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I've always loved nature photography. I love taking and looking at nature photographs . I find both incredibly peaceful. It's one of the reasons I create products that bring beautiful photographs into your home. I want to try and give people the same feeling of peace. Not everyone can get into the country or get to these types of locations. This way they can come to you. I can also bring a close up perspective with my macro photography.

Thank you greeting card

Sometimes great, quality photography is expensive. I wanted to create products that are beautiful and inexpensive so that nature photographs can be accessible. Greeting cards, small cards and prints make great gifts as well as ways of decorating your home.

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One of the features that I love about my products is that they are printed in Adelaide. I use Adelaide based businesses as they do an amazing job and I want to support the South Australian economy. I've been able to form relationships with these businesses and they are an amazing help. I know that they are slightly more expensive than if I went interstate or overseas but nothing compares to shopping local.


I hope that you enjoy my products as much as I do. Let me know if you have any thoughts about them. I love hearing from you.

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