Why Close Up Photography?

Why Close Up Photography?

I can't remember when I took my first close up/ macro photograph but I know I was quite young. It probably was when I was playing around with my first SLR when I was 12. I would have been using Dad's lens which had a macro option. Let's just say that I've improved a huge amount since that first film photograph.

Macro photographers see the world from a different perspective. Some people see a bush while macro photographers see the patterns on the leaves on the bush. There is something amazing about changing the way people see the world. Most people just see the big picture but macro allows people to see the small picture.

What most people see and what I see

This world has been made so intricately and I want to show that. If we miss seeing the details, we miss seeing how this world was created.

Seeing the grass in the garden

In some ways being a macro photographer surprises me. It takes patience, persistence and steady hands. I don't always excel in those areas but then again maybe it's good for me to practice.

When I'm taking macro photographs, I don't see see anything except what I'm photographing. I look closely and keep seeing more unique views of the creation in front of me.

With macro photography, the whole world is your oyster. You never run out of things to photograph. There is always new things to photograph and new ways to show the world.

A unique view of a nandina plant.
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