Where is Photography by Kate Going?

Where is Photography by Kate Going?

You may have noticed some changes recently in what I've been posting on Facebook and Instagram. Like all things, Photography by Kate has changed over time and is changing at the present moment. 

Photography is a big part of all our lives. We see it everywhere and a lot of us take photographs every day. Photography by Kate is going to reflect that. Landscape and close up/macro photography is my passion and always will be. Since having Sam though I want to capture the every day moments more. He never sits still so often my photos are blurry but none the less the moment is saved for the future. 

I want Photography by Kate to help us all on a journey to improve our photographs. This is where Home Gallery Sessions come in. I can come to you and a group of friends and give you tips to improve your photography. You might even find some tips and ideas for when you host your own Home Gallery Session like delicious party food. 

I'll also be posting simple tips on my Facebook and Instagram that you can use then and there to improve your photography.  

There will be behind the scenes of my photo shoots as I'm still going to be photographing landscapes and close ups. I can't not!  

Making the most of the flowers that family grew.

Sam will be featured a lot as being a mum is my first job and creation photographer is second. Plus he does like to help. 

My little helper

If you have any other ideas of what you would like to see just let me know. I love hearing from you. 

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