Photography Changes Everything

Photography Changes Everything

It was recently World Photography Day. This day and reading a book called 'Photography Changes Everything' made me reflect on how photography has changed things for me.

Photography has been something I've grown up with. Dad's a talented photographer so there are fond memories of waiting for Dad to finish taking photographs and having photographs of our family taken. When I got a little bit older and got a camera of me own, I joined Dad. It was the two of us lagging behind. Photography has been a wonderful thing that has brought my dad and I closer.

Recent photo shoot with my Dad.

I found some old photographs of my pets recently. My sisters' rabbits had babies who were adorable. I had 3 guinea pigs who were very special to me. Our family got a new dog when I was young and there are photographs of her when she was a young pup. The aren't the best photographs but they have captured memories from when I was young that would have faded otherwise.

Landscape and macro photography was my major at TAFE. I spent 6 months on these two areas of photography. It was an experience that changed me as I became more independent as I traveled around Adelaide by myself taking photographs. Often driving a few hours away, doing a shoot and then driving back all in one day. It was also a confidence booster as the more I learnt the more I realised that I had a talent for this photography.

One of my favourite photographs from my major.

I'm a mother now and photography has become a way of capturing precious moments of my son's life. I now take photographs of myself with Sam and are happier to be in photographs now. I had always hated having my photo taken but now I see how important it is for there to be photographs of me. I am a part of precious people's lives and they want me to be remembered.

My little man is growing up so quickly.

Taking photographs of nature has taken a different feel to it now. Photography has become an important part of self care. I love doing it. It is a chance for me to get out of my head for a while and focus (no pun intended) on something so beautiful. It's a mindfulness activity and is relaxing. I now find that taking photographs isn't as easy with a toddler around. I catch myself looking around and seeing things I would love to photograph when I would normally just pass by.

My studio, my little refuge.

Photography has changed so much since it was first created in 1839. How has photography changed your life?

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