Hidden Gem of Adelaide: Prospect Estate

Adelaide is a beautiful city and there is always something new to discover. There are quite a few hidden gems that show just how amazing this city is. Prospect Estate is one of them. It's nestled right in suburbia off a main road, Prospect Road.

At the entrance of the part is a water fountain and water feature. When we arrived, there were ibises and pigeons in the water.

ibises swimming in a pond
Good ol 'bin chickens'

As you continue down the park (it is on a slight incline), a creek meanders down as well interspersed with small waterfalls.

There are lots of mature trees (including my favourite weeping willows) that provide lots of shade. For being the middle of summer, the grass is very well kept and green.

The kids really enjoyed playing with the water and playing on the swings.

It has the usual amenities like toilets, a BBQ, table and a rotunda.

Nice amenities

We were even surprised to find 4 large fish in the pond at the bottom of the park.

Fish. One was around 50cm long. They're well camouflaged.

Photographs don't really do this park justice. It would be even better in winter when there is more water flowing. I hope that you're able to visit this place. What's your hidden gem in Adelaide?

duck on an island in a creek

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