Hidden Gem of Adelaide: Garden Island

Garden Island really is a hidden gem of Adelaide. It a place that you can spend so much time there and still find more to see.

Garden Island is located in the estuary of Port Adelaide and is the west of the city of Adelaide.

As you come down the Grand Trunkway and cross the bridge to the island, you're greeted by shipwrecks to the right of you. There are around 25 shipwrecks around the island. You continue across the island to the main attraction of the island.

At the end of the road is a large carpark, a boat ramp and a boardwalk that goes into the water. It is this water that is a dolphin sanctuary. Most times that I go there I see at least one dolphin.

The boardwalk is the best part of the island as it goes through the mangroves on the foreshore, into the water and then parallel to the foreshore for 400 metres. You get to look down into the water and see fish, birds swimming and other wildlife. I got a great thrill one day when I saw a pair of stingray swimming alongside the boardwalk.

If you're wanting to get closer still to all the action then you can go for kayak tours around the island. They leave from the boat ramp. The sides of the ramp float on the water so is a nice to way to get low to the water and get a good look at the fish swimming around.

If you decide to stay a while and have picnic, there is a table under shelter and a toilets if the need arises.

Garden Island is one of my favourite places and the kids love it too. They like walking on the boardwalk and keeping an eye out for dolphins. They go to the boat ramp to see how many fish they can find.

It's close to the city and not hard to get to. I hope you get a chance to check it out and love it

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