Frequently Asked Questions

When you have as much to offer as Photography by Kate does, there tends to be lots of questions. This blog post is to answer some of the questions you might have.

Where are Photography by Kate products printed?

There are 3 different printers that I use. Black and White Photographics do a fantastic job of printing and mounting the prints. Bowden Print Group print the greeting cards, note cards, post cards and gift tags. Abbotts Printers print the posters. ES Wigg and Son create the envelopes. All of these wonderful businesses are in Adelaide.

Some greeting card packs

What's the process for creating Photography by Kate products?

I'll go into more detail in another blog post but I'll go over the process briefly. What I do depends on whether I'm creating a whole new product range or whether I'm adding another product to a range already created. If it's a new product range, I brainstorm what product my customers want. I then go through my photographs and find the photograph that suits the product. I then design the product and organise to get it printed. Once printed you get to see it.

Why focus on South Australia only?

South Australia is my home and I love showing it off. Other businesses will often do what is cheaper but this means that local SA businesses miss out. When the quality is here, there is no need to go interstate or overseas. Sometimes supporting local is more expensive but it is for a good reason and cause. Some photographers photograph all of Australia but I like to show SA only as there is so much to see and not many people have seen it all.

What gear do I use?

I use a Nikon D750. It's a great camera and I love that the back view screen can flip down which is perfect for macro photography. My main lens for landscapes is a Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 and for macro it's a Nikon 60mm f2.8 with bellows. I also use accessories like graduated neutral density filters, neutral density filters, cable release and a tripod.

My main camera gear

What happened to Home Gallery Sessions?

I really loved coming to people's homes and helping people improve their photography. It was a fun way to help people to take better photographs and answer some of the burning questions people had. Home Gallery Sessions got more difficult as my family grew and then COVID struck which made going into people's homes impossible. Maybe one day in the future they'll start again but it won't be for a while.

The addition of little Chloe completed my family.

Where is Photography by Kate heading?

Photography by Kate has changed a lot since it started. I love creating photographic cards, prints, posters and more. You'll find that there is more about using greeting cards, gift wrapping and things like that, as I help you to use my products to connect with those around you. I'll continue to share my love of photography and give a behind the scenes look into how I create my photographs. I'm looking to my products available in stores so if you know any shops that would like to stock my products please let me know. I'll continue to create beautiful nature photographs and quality SA made products.

One of my new note cards

Is there a question that you have that I haven't answered? Let me know and I can answer it in my next blog post.

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