Behind the Scenes: Tennyson Dunes

Behind the Scenes: Tennyson Dunes

It had been a while since I'd done a sunset photo shoot. Between being nauseous while pregnant and then having a newborn, it didn't leave much energy for shooting even though I really wanted too. One night though Chloe was asleep and Jeff was putting Sam down for the night. I quickly grabbed my gear and made my escape.

On one of my many drives while Chloe was sleeping, I saw some beautiful beach walkways and an idea was formed. Tennyson Beach is perfect for sunset and golden hour. I specifically wanted the golden light on the walkway. A night with less clouds would have given me more golden light but the clouds made for a nicer sunset.

Gentle golden light.

The sun lit up the grass on the sand dunes adding vibrancy to the scene. I was on the edge of the sand dunes as I wanted to include the grass in the foreground. Just by changing the focal length and direction I was facing, it created similar but different photographs from the same spot. As the sky was so much brighter than the beach I was using a graduated neutral density filter.

I love how the colour in the sky hangs around for a while after the sun has set. Not having the golden light in the grass changes the point of focus exclusively to the sky.

I like to experiment with long exposures after the sun has set. I don't have to use any filters and the blue light adds a different touch to the photographs. The tide had gone out leaving pools that were perfect for reflecting the clouds. The touch of orange from the sunset help break up all the blue.

This is a spot that I'll come back to. One sunset and 7 different photographs. Which one is your favourite?

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