A Photo Shoot with a Friend

A Photo Shoot with a Friend

I turn 30 this month and I'm not a party person. So for my birthday I get to spend time with my family and friends over 30 days as a gift. That meant for this shoot my niece joined me for a sunset at Semaphore.

Photo shoots with friends are great fun

We got there and both set up tripods. My niece brought her camera along too so I split my time between taking photos and working with her. To be honest, I should have spent more time being helpful but I got distracted by the sunset. Luckily, she's lovely and understood.

I wasn't expecting too much colour in the sunset as there were a lot of clouds on the horizon. It was coming in stormy so the clouds looked great.

My niece was great company so we split our time between taking photographs and jumping off the huge piles of seaweed.

She's very graceful even if my phone camera couldn't capture it.

I love photographing clouds and storm clouds are some of the best. I was using a long exposure to catch the movement of the sea and the clouds.

Being there before sunset, during sunset and after sunset allows you to capture the different colours sunset creates. It's the reason that I don't just arrive in time for the sunset and get there early and stay late.

What are some spectacular sunsets that you have seen? Did share them with someone special?

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