6 Great Reasons to Buy Local

6 Great Reasons to Buy Local

We hear a lot about buying local. We hear that it's important but do you know the many reasons why? For a small business like mine, buying local means everything.

Every time you buy one of my products, the money goes towards providing for my family. It goes towards my dream of being able to do Photography by Kate full time and being able to have flexible hours to be with my kids. It goes to a person and not some huge conglomerate.

My children

I get so excited whenever one of my products goes to a new home. Each of my products has been created with care and thought. When someone buys something that I've created, I know that the person has also put thought into what they are buying.

Buying local means you know where your products are coming from and more importantly the person who creates the products. When people buy from Photography by Kate, they know me and the heart and soul that goes into Photography by Kate products.

When you support one local business, you're often really supporting a few. Being a small business myself, I like to support other small businesses in SA. It helps to keep SA's economy going and this is especially important during these tough times.

It is environmentally friendly to buy local too. Your carbon footprint is reduced as there isn't far for your products to travel before they get to you.

A surprising benefit of buying local is creating unique products. Small businesses create diverse and unique products and solutions to problems we might not have even know we had.

Unique products like these candles

There are many other great reasons to buy local. What are the reasons you buy local?

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