5 Alternate Gift Ideas for Kids Other than Toys

If your kids are anything like mine then they have been given lots of wonderful toys and you're looking for something different. Here are 5 ideas for some alternate gifts.

An Experience
This is a great way to spend quality time with them as well as get kids away from screens. Think of ideas like the zoo, bowling, a games arcade, laser tag and the list goes on.

Room Décor
If the child is old enough to have their own space, why not take them shopping and buy something to make that space even more special and personalised? Shops like Kmart and Target have a wide range of homewares now or if you're looking for something more there's always places like Ikea.

A Subscription
Something like a subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. If you do an internet search for subscription box and a topic of interest many different options come up. You could also a magazine subscription, something educational like Reading Eggs or even to a streaming service like Disney+ if it's ok with the parents. If this is more than your budget, collaborate with something else and buy a joint gift.

A Game
Kids love games and it doesn't just have to be limited to board games. Computer games, Nintendo or any other gaming console are perfect too. If you offer to play it with them as well then you get some quality time with them as well.

A Creative Class
Does the child have a passion for something creative? Think about attending a class together. Drawing, pottery, gardening, the sky is your limit. Check out resources like your local council and library. They often have free classes and even have things like 3D printers you can use.

What is your favourite gift to give that isn't a toy? I'd love to hear what they are so leave a comment below.

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