3 Simple Gift Wrapping Ideas

If you're anything like me, you love beautiful gift wrapping but feel totally unable to do it yourself. I've found and practiced these 3 simple ways to wrap gifts and they look lovely.

The first way to wrap a gift is to create a pocket or two at the front of the gift. It's an easy way to slip in a gift tag or greeting card. You want to start with the wrapping paper being longer than what you normally use. First fold a small section horizontally. With the long piece of wrapping paper, make a small fold. This will create the first pocket. Fold over a small amount of the top edge to create a second pocket. Turn the gift over and tape the sides like you normally would. With this technique you can create as many or as few pockets as you like.

Pocket gift wrapped present

The second way is to create a cross over pattern on the front of your present. For this gift, you want the wrapping paper to have long sides. Fold the horizontal sides over each other and tape. You then want to create a triangle on each side of the gift. These triangles are then folded over the seam at the top of the gift. Seal the wrapping with something decorative like a sticker or a wax seal.

Triangle cross wrapped gift

The final way is to make a large triangle that crosses the front of your gift. A square piece of wrapping paper is needed. Place the gift close to the edge of one corner of the wrapping paper. Fold over the corner and then fold each side over that corner. You should be left with a long triangle on the horizontal side. This is then folded over and taped at the bottom of the gift.

Long triangle wrapped gift

Which technique is your favourite? Do you have any simple but lovely wrapping hacks?

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