What's the one thing photographers all push for?

What's the one thing photographers all push for?

There is one thing as a photographer that until recently I have really failed at. I mean I’ve known the importance but haven’t put the time and effort into doing it. Yes, I’ve had the excuse of having a baby then having a toddler who doesn’t sleep so have been putting my energy into other things. The thing is though that it is really important and something could go wrong before you get around to it. When that happens you will always regret it.

What I’m talking about it printing photographs. It may not seem like something that is vital but it really is. We live so much in a digital world that we think having photographs on our phone or computer is enough. The thing is that things happen to our phones and computers, even if we have backed them up. When it does happen sometimes it means that we lose all those photographs.

Can you imagine that? Losing those precious moments we distinctly photographed because we knew we’d want to look back on them. Losing the photographs of your wedding, grandparents, loved ones with your children, the first photographs of your children after birth, the amazing once in a lifetime holiday and it goes on. Never seeing those captured moments ever again.

I don’t know about you but I enjoy sitting down with a physical photograph album rather than a laptop. Why do you think that children love looking through albums? There is something about holding a physical photograph and seeing the faces of those you love looking back at you.

Sam loving looking at family photographs

A landscape physically printed takes you to that amazing place more than a quick scan on a phone will. A close up photograph printed allows you to see details that you miss otherwise.

A page of close up photographs printed

So is it time to go down memory road again by printing some of those thousands of photographs you have on your phone or computer? I know it is for me.

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