There is Always Something

There is Always Something

There's always something. This was wise advice given to me when Sam was born. At the time, I really didn't want to hear it. I mean who wants to hear that there is always going to be something wrong? 

As Sam's gotten older though, I see the value of this advice and it has prepared me for what's ahead. This seems particularly true as I prepare for the future when Sam sleeps. It looks as though with the help of a sleep consultant, that we might have gotten him to consistently sleep through the night. 

When sleep came easy to Sam.

I have been able to say that Sam not sleeping, hence me being sleep deprived, has been why things haven't gotten done. This is true and I'm in no way dismissing how a lack of sleep affects everything.  

I realise though when achieving goals, there is always going to be something. It could be busyness, tiredness, lack of money, lack of knowledge or anything you can think of. There is always going to be something that makes now not the time to achieve something but if we keep waiting for nothing to be in our way, we'll be waiting a long time. 

For me, I find myself saying 'when Sam's older, I'll do this'. When Sam's older, child number two might be here what then? Yes, some things really do need to wait but some goals don't. Or maybe we just do something little to start us towards our goal. 

Bool Lagoon
Getting up early to achieve a goal.

There isn't a perfect time when all pieces fall into place and achieving goals is easy but there is now.  

Now is the time I give Photography by Kate the best I can. How that looks might be different to what I expected as each 'something' comes up but if I wait, I'll miss my chance and will regret that for a long time.  

Please don't let yourself say 'once this is over I'll do it'. You'll say that then something else will happen and then you'll just repeat yourself. 

Maybe the time to do that thing you've been putting off is actually now. 

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