The Value of Words at Christmas

Christmas can be a time where we get together with those we love but how often do we tell them how much they mean to us?

I find it hard to tell people in person how I feel about them. I am so blessed with an amazing family and friends but rarely tell them that. Even though my love language is words of affirmation and those words mean the world to me, I don't offer the same thing to the people I love.

This is where greeting cards can be used for this exact reason. We can give an even more special gift with a physical present this year. We can give the gift of words and the gift of letting people know that they are so valued.

My first mother's day card
Lovely words from

This was something that I got for my first ever mother's day. Even though this was written by my husband and not Sam, I love this card. I love the thought behind it and the idea that one day Sam might say that to me by himself.

So this year when writing your Christmas cards, why not make it that bit more personal and tell them how special they are to you? Make their gift even better by showing them how dear they are to you. I know I will.

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