The Value of Phone Photography

The Value of Phone Photography

Before having Sam, my phone camera wasn't used that much. It was something I used sparingly as I preferred to use my SLR. That has changed.

When Sam was born, I wanted to capture his life in photographs and I thought I'd do that with my SLR but reality was different. At first, I used my phone because Sam was normally in my arms. As time went on it was easier to use my phone as Sam wanted to touch the lens of my camera so the photographs weren't very natural. Now, Sam is just too quick for me to get my SLR and as my phone is generally on hand, it's better to capture the moment than worry about quality.

Sleeping newborn Sam

Most of my photographs now a days are taken on my phone. I use my SLR for my nature photography, important events and family holidays. I'd like to use my SLR more but I find that it isn't possible. If I leave my camera somewhere easily accessible, Sam gets to it.

Being able to easily share photos also makes using my phone a great tool. Anything special that happens can be quickly shared on social media or with loved ones. I know that my husband appreciates getting photos of Sam and I during the day when he's at work.

Exploring at Kindergym

I also find using my phone can mean that I can take photos discreetly. There's no way I'd be able to get the cute sleepy photos of Sam with my SLR especially as he is often asleep in my arms or next to me.

Sleepy bubba

Now that quality of cameras on phones have improved it is possible to get good quality photos that can be printed in a large size. There is also more control over the settings that help you take better photographs.


One of the biggest changes that's happened since using my camera phone more is that I find myself in photographs more often. I'm still not a big fan of having my photo taken but I've come to realise the importance of being in photographs. I might not like being in photos but my loved ones do.

Fun family photos

For some reason I think differently taking photos with my phone. I've taken a photo on my phone then tried to recreate it with my SLR because I've liked it so much. I don't often get a similar photo but it's worth a try.

Shadow Fun

With a camera that is always in my pocket, I take photos that I wouldn't have taken otherwise. I wouldn't have normally had my camera on me in some situations so now have an opportunity to takes photos that are not what I normally photograph.

Sensory play never looked so colourful

Do you use your camera phone? What's one of your best photographs?

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