Separating Motherhood and Business

Separating Motherhood and Business

Motherhood is one of the things in life that fundamentally changes you. When you find out you're pregnant, your body is no longer yours alone. When you have the baby, you put yourself aside for a few months as that tiny child is dependent on you for its survival.

23 weeks pregnant with Sam.

As they get older and sleep more, you gradually find more energy to be you again, to think about things other than feeds, naps and nappy changes. Regardless of how old your children are though, from what I'm told, you never go back to your old self. Children come first. You never stop being mum. We will have jobs, businesses, hobbies and so on, but being a mum is now interwoven into who we are. 

As much as we'd sometimes like to change that, we are never separated from being mum. We talk about them and don't really have them far from our thoughts. I keep thinking about how much I talk about motherhood and Sam, how I'd like to post more about photography and spend more time taking photos but if I am to show you who I am and how Photography by Kate runs then Sam is part of the package. 

As mums we always want to know how other mums manage to do it all. How they manage jobs/businesses, husbands, children and homes and are still able to stay sane. I don't do it all but maybe I can show people that you don't have to lose who you are in motherhood. 


I understand that some people don't want to see the motherhood side and just want the photography. That's ok and they don't have to look at that part. I hope that you enjoy being part of the journey of both motherhood and photography. 

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