Really, what is the point of a greeting card?!

Sometimes I think one of the most recycled items is a greeting card. Personally, I love them! I think that a big part of this is because my love language is words of affirmation. Nothing makes me feel more loved then words. I know that this isn't always the case and more often than not a card is read once then put in the recycling. There is so much more to the humble greeting card.

Greeting card
Thank you
So many greeting cards

There are many occasions in which a greeting card is sent. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, condolence, and the list goes on. Do you make the most of these opportunities to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you? I've started using Christmas cards as a way of showing my appreciation for my family. I have an amazing family who love and support me and my family. They look after my kids so I can have a break during the week and even overnight so my husband and I can have some time together. I thank them after they've had the kids but I don't know if they really understand how much it means to me. In a greeting card, I can articulate this much more.

Adelaide made Christmas card
An Aussie Christmas card

We all need encouragement at times and sometimes this is really hard to convey in person. There might also be a time when you can't see someone in person. Writing it down is a way to receive encouragement not also in that moment but in other times of struggle as well. It is a precious thing to be held on to and cherished. The value of a text or email cannot be ignored but when you receive a card in the post that someone has taken the time to hand write, find a stamp and then mail it is extra special. There is that extra time and effort taken which makes you feel even more loved. The beautiful on the front is an added bonus too as there is something for sore eyes.

Mount Compass double rainbow greeting card
There aren't a lot things more beautiful than a double rainbow

Greeting cards have a way of expressing things you don't in person. Sometimes you find a greeting card that has the exact words you have been trying to say but don't know how to. Maybe they are the words you don't have the courage to say in person. You can put your honest self in a card as you have the time to get the words out in the perfect way.

Condolence card
Fleurieu Peninsula
John 14:27
One of my favourite verses: John 14:27

In times of grief you especially want someone to know that they are being thought of and maybe even held up in prayer. Grief isn't a one day emotion. It is something that you feel keenly for a long time, possibly even the rest of your life. A condolence card can be read time and time again when the waves of loss are overwhelming and you need something to lift you up.

Greeting card
Romans 15:13

How about to say thank you? Some of the most underrated words I think. There are some very thankless jobs, being a parent for instance. When someone takes the time to say thank you, it can mean the world. It can mean that all that you do is seen, validated and valued.

Thank you card

These are just 5 points of greeting cards. I'm sure you can think of many more. As you reflect on the people in your life, is there someone who needs to be thanked, encouraged and supported? Send them a greeting card today and let them know that they are special and loved. Let them know that they are being seen.

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