Photo Shoots Never go the Way you Plan

Photo Shoots Never go the Way you Plan

I went to Riverton recently for a family holiday. I knew that sunsets were out of the picture as I wanted to have dinner with my family so sunrises were the plan.

I got everything ready the night before; my clothes all laid out (the many layers), camera charged and memory cards cleared. Sam went to sleep quickly so I was all ready to go.

Come 5am though Sam decided to wake up and not go back to sleep til 6:30am so there goes my plans as getting up would ensure he would want to get up too.

There was still some fog hanging around after breakfast so I hoped in the car and went for a drive. I didn't have a specific location in mind, I just headed towards the fog. I drove for around 15 minutes away from town before I found a location I liked.

I quickly jumped out of the car and started taking photos as I didn't want to miss the fog. Normally I would use a tripod but I was running out of time. I increased the ISO so the shutter speed was fast enough for me to hand hold and not get camera shake.

I knew straight off that I would want to create a panorama so I took lots of photographs so I could stitch them together in post production. After getting the photos I was after I saw in the distance the sun coming through the clouds.

Clouds can really make a photograph.

As I was just heading to the next location and while turning the corner, the car started sliding. It's when you're in one of these situations when you forget that you actually know what you do. Thankfully the car stopped before a fence. I very carefully kept driving to my next location.

The sun was peaking out from behind the clouds when I got to my other location. At this location, a panorama was what worked best. I again worked quickly as I wanted clouds but they were disappearing.

Sun breaking through the clouds.

Although this shoot felt rushed and nearly ended badly, it felt wonderful taking photographs and appreciating how beautiful green rolling hills are.

Car got a little bit dirty.
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