Macro photography in your own backyard

Macro photography unlocks a whole new world. It turns an overgrown backyard into a wonderland. It opens your eyes to see the beauty in the simple, mundane things.

On this sunny day, I wanted to take some photographs but didn't have much time. The only location I could get to was my backyard. Now there isn't much in my backyard, unless you count the slippery dip, sand pit and trampoline, but they're not very picturesque.

Dandelions may be weeds but they are so delicately made. They are something that I keep going back to photograph.

Dandelions never fail to be fascinating

Today though it was the grass that grabbed my attention. So many seeds and so many different ways to capture the details. It was the bricks that give the contrasting purple background.

There was an old stem of statice that had somehow ended up outside. I was fascinated that the flower still remained so purple while the stem had died. They are only small flowers but I found the texture interesting.

What hidden gem of a location have you found?

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