Behind the Scenes of a Close Up Photo Shoot

Behind the Scenes of a Close Up Photo Shoot

Close up (or macro) photo shoots are fun. They take a lot of precision but there is something that is really special about taking a big scene and giving the ability to see the beauty in the details.

How I first saw the morning scene

I recently spent an hour or so photographing our backyard covered in frost. I mainly focused on the grass as that was what looked the most impressive. 

My set up is pretty simple: camera, tripod, cable release, macro lens and extension bellows. Extension bellows go between the camera and the lens as the more distance between the lens and sensor the closer you can get to your subject. 

Camera set up for macro/close up photography

For me there isn't really a process to a photo shoot. I find an area that I think has potential and then set up my tripod. I get my tripod as low as possible so I can get close to my subject. My hands aren't steady enough to hold my camera (generally for close up photography most people's aren't) so my tripod is an important piece of equipment. I gradually move the tripod around and take photographs.

Below is how my photo shoot flows. Some photos are similar as changing where I focus can completely change the photo. At one point, some light was coming through the fence so I moved to catch the light.

I then upload the photographs and go through them to pick the ones that stand out and the ones that are pin sharp. Not all of the above I will edit and choose to use as images to print. 

This one is my favourite photograph of the shoot. I like the reflection in the droplet and the pattern on the grass. Which is your favourite?

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