A Foggy Morning in Kingscote Town

A Foggy Morning in Kingscote Town

Sunrise shoots are a lot of fun. They often don’t go the way that I want them to though. My most recent photo shoot was when we were at Kangaroo Island. My plan was to go to Pennington Bay but it didn’t end up happening.

As many of you know Samuel was sleeping in our room so I was getting less sleep than usual. I managed to get up and get ready one morning. I was on my way to the location when I realised I was driving the wrong way and was nowhere near the place I wanted to be. I thought I was going the right way but as I was tired I ended up going right past the turn off. As I was inland, I tried to head towards the coast and turned onto a road that was meant to take to me to D’Estrees Bay. Sunrise was coming quickly and there was no way I was going to make it to the coast in time as the bay was still 40kms away.

I was on a dirt road and looked to the side to see this impressive fog. Time was still against me because the sun was rising making the fog dissipate. I quickly pulled to the side of the road to try and find something to photograph that would work well with the fog.  I saw these trees and some storm clouds that worked really well with the fog. I managed to get 3 shots in before the fog moved too far away from me to photograph.

Foggy morning on Kangaroo Island.

At this stage, the photographs didn’t look that great so I kept looking for something else to photograph. Across the road was another field so I headed over to see what I could find. The fog was still hanging around so I decided to create some wide angle photographs that caught the vista in front of me.

A bit of colour to brighten the scene.

I also played around with some photographs of the gums that were lining the field but nothing was really standing out to me. With the fog cleared and nothing else catching my attention, I headed home to a warm house and breakfast.

Landscape photography is something that usually doesn’t go to plan. You can plan all you want but in the end you are at the mercy of the weather and other factors. Sometimes I feel for me that it goes even less to plan for me than other people. Life would be boring otherwise, wouldn’t it?

Honestly, I didn’t get to my planned location and I didn’t feel that the location I did find was that great. I went home a bit despondent. It was only when I got home and looked at my photographs again that I saw their potential. It was a lovely way to end a fun morning.

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