A Christian Woman in Business

I've been a Christian my whole life but only in business for 8 years. It's only recently though that I've been honest about being a Christian. It's ridiculous I know. There are a lot of reasons but I feel I can't justify them.

When I first started my business, I only had 10 greeting cards with beautiful photographs on them. There was no need to be explicit about being a Christian. There wasn't the same need to have a large presence on social media either. Who I was wasn't on display.

First range of greeting cards being sold by my husband.
First range of cards sold buy my lovely assistant

As time went on, I saw a need for greeting cards that were gorgeous with Scripture on them. This was my next range of cards. Even then in my social media, I didn't say explicitly that I was a Christian. Why? That's a very good question.

Adelaide made Scripture greeting card.
One of my first Scripture greeting cards

I've worked so hard on my business and haven't gotten where I want to be. I was scared that if I declared I was a Christian, that I would lose all that I had created. I put men before God. It was a big mistake. I never lied about being a Christian but I wasn't as clear as I should have been on social media. Christians also aren't seen in the best light in Australia. I was worried about how the world would see me.

This has changed in the last year. With encouragement, I realised that by not being honest I wasn't connecting the people I really wanted to the most. You wouldn't think it reading this post but I'm actually proud to be a Christian. I sinned. I listened to the world instead of God.

Phone wallpaper with John 3:16.
Scripture images on social media

I've made changes in my business this year. My bios on social media are clear that I'm a Christian. I'm creating more products with a Christian message. Easter and Christmas are spoken about as Christian holidays. It's freeing. I feel like I'm connecting and reaching out to the people I've wanted to the whole time I've been in business. Yes, I've lost followers but the ones who have stayed are the people I want to meet with. I'm excited to see what God has planned for Photography by Kate.

Screenshot of an Instagram bio.
Social media bios
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