8 Tips to Write Great Greeting Cards

Writing cards seems like hard work and maybe not worth the effort. To the person receiving the card though it is very much worth the time. Here are 8 tips to make writing in cards that little bit easier.

Just be yourself
When writing a card, we feel the need to sound different from who we really are. The person who gets the cards want to hear from the authentic, real person writing it not someone who they're trying to be. You don't need to sound professional or use a different vocabulary, just be who you are.

mothers day, handwritten
First Mother's Day card. One of my favourite cards ever.

Make sure you spell their name correctly
I don't think anything can ruin a card more than using the either using the wrong name or spelling it wrong. Take the time to ensure that you've got the name right.

Choose a card that suits the person you're giving it to
There are so many different cards out there and not everyone has the same taste. The words are important but choosing a card that the person is going to like is important too. Take the time to look through the range of cards from where you're purchasing it from and choose one that is going to tickle the receiver's fancy.

wide range of greeting cards
Just a small selection of my range of cards

Hand write the message
Take the time to hand write a message. If you've chosen a card that already has a short message in it, it is always worth adding a note yourself. It's the message as well as the time you've taken to hand write the message that is valuable.

Be specific
Sometimes we can be quite general in cards. 'Thank you for being my friend'. 'I appreciate your kindness'. It's nice to be specific in acknowledging what people have done. How have they been a good friend? What have they done to be kind?

Use a good pen
It sounds simple but using a good pen that works properly makes not writing the card physically easier (and your handwriting neater), it also makes the card look better.

Coloured pens and a note card
So many pens

Don't delay in sending your card
Is your friend going through a tough time now? Have you just received a lovely gift and want to say thank you? Write and send your card now why you think of it.

Don't stress about it
Writing cards isn't meant to be stressful. You don't need to worry about your words being perfect or if your handwriting is messy. It's all about the thought behind it and the kindness you're showing by just writing and sending a card.

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