5 Sweet Affirmations to Write in a Mother's Day Card

Sometimes it's hard to put into words how we feel about our mums. Here are 5 sweet ideas to write in Mother's Day cards. 1. I love you Simple but something that mums never get sick of hearing.  2. Thank you Mums do so many wonderful things for us. It's nice to be thanked for all their hard work. Don't be afraid to be specific in what you thank her for. 3. I really appreciate it when you... Are there things that your mum does for you that you appreciate? They might be small things that she thinks might go unnoticed but actually mean a lot to you. 4. You're a great mum Mums are particularly hard on themselves and don't feel like we're doing a good job. So if you think she's doing a good job, let her know.  5. Let little ones fill in the blanks These are good for a giggle with little kids. Here's an example of what you could do. Feel free to use this one if you'd like Thank you to all the mum's and mother figures. Our lives wouldn't be the same without you.
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