3 Creative Ways to Reuse Gift Tags

3 Creative Ways to Reuse Gift Tags

We receive a lot of gift tags, especially for birthdays and at Christmas. Most of the time we just pop them in the recycling but what if there was a way to reuse them? There are some really lovely gift tags and sometimes it seems such a waste to get rid of them. Here are 3 ways to give gift tags new life:

Decorative banner: get a piece of ribbon or twine and tie the gift tags to it. You could also use pegs to hold the gift tags to the ribbon or twine. You could even display them in a collage frame like this.

Jar labels: jars are a great way to store things so why label them with something bright and colourful? You can either use some whiteout or glue a piece of paper over the top to cover the writing on the back.

Create your own stickers: stickers have lots of different uses. Often we associate them with kids but there are different ways adults can use stickers too. An easy way to make stickers is to stick some sticky tape (something wide like clear packing tape would be best) or clear contact to some baking paper. Place the gift tag on it then cover with another piece of sticky tape/contact. Cut it out leaving a bit of a border. Remove the baking paper and viola your own sticker. There are other methods to make stickers too.  Just do an internet search,

Do you have any other uses for gift tags? I would love to hear from you.

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